Morning Commute

Honestly… I was not far from my home this morning when I nearly was flattened by a bus. I was passing a school when it happened, too. These mornings, and days since the election, have really changed the air around us; people seem to be breathing in stupidity, left and right. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “What does the election have to do with you having a near-miss with a school bus?”

Good question… I’m just referring to a pattern I have caught on to. I believe that widespread panic, anxiety, fear, anger, and various other emotions that lower energy vibrations arose due to the new President-elect. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote for Donald Trump; however, I do see him as a normal human being who has lost touch with reality, and he’s a sad excuse for someone who could ever be placed in the hot-seat. I see a lot of fear in his eyes.

This is not a blog post meant to focus on Donald Trump, so no need to post anger or troll here, these are just my observations, and nothing more, but just knowing that these days I see a lot of fear in people’s eyes, as opposed to the hope and happiness I’m used to seeing, I worry about the future, and what’s next.

But to be nearly flattened by a school bus full of children, yeah… That’s just what their parents want them to see before their school day starts; a poor woman’s intestines, blood and bones all flattened and exploded all over the place because their bus driver was anxious, scared, and angry… Come on, America! Wake up! The world’s not over… yet!


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