Cloudy Start

Today marks the first day of December, 2016. I woke up as usual, but was happy to see the clouds blanketing the sky. Sure, a lot of people love to see the sun shining bright in the morning sky, blinding them on their way to work, or on their way home, however it may be.

Me? I love the clouds, the rain, thunderstorms, and the like. The sun is a worthwhile visitor to me; However, I enjoy the cool, frothy blanket of cloud cover. The softness hovering above with different layers of thickness, creating a 3-D effect floating up above; it’s mesmerizing to me. I love when I see amazing cloud formations, and try to read and gauge what they mean, or entail.

Sure, a clear sky in the late morning is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. However, a clear morning releasing the brightness of the sun hurts my eyes, and sears the skin, ever so slightly. Sure, Vitamin D is important, but so is my eyesight, and I don’t relish in the thought of skin cancer lurking. I guess I wouldn’t serve well as a solar panel for my cells…

I hear on Facebook the excitement of snow coming soon, and I just want to shudder. Here, where I live, a mild winter is wonderful, and that is what was forecast for this year. However, a little snow won’t hurt anything. I just want to be able to arrive safely to work. The cold isn’t exactly what it used to be for me. I find the heat to be terrible these days in my old age, but the cold? Not to my liking. Age causes the joints to get cranky; of course it is a common issue with a lot of people older in age.

Okay, complaint department is closed, got it all out of my system… Onto my day!


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