Who Am I? Why Do You Want to Know?

It’s not easy when people try to force their ideals on others on how they feel they should live. Too often, people are stricken with identity crises because others they respect, or are forced to respect, state they should be a certain way, and fill a certain mold. Well, to those imposing, what mold is that, and who gave you the permission to create it?

We are all individuals, enough said. Respect is earned, not expected. I, myself, celebrate that I am a one-of-a-kind, and will never try to fit into a mold created by society. I used to try, but my parents laid an egg inside my spirit that eventually hatched into the strength fueling my individuality today. This should be celebrated, not stamped down and buried under a nasty old boot on someone else’s stinky foot.

Enjoy your bodies! Enjoy your beautiful light! Be yourself, and be proud of who you truly are. Never allow anyone to tell you any different! Be strong, and stand up for who you are! You are worth more than they say, and could ever see, so smile and enjoy that self-worth. Be strong for yourself, and the world truly is much better since you exist in it. Without you, the world holds no meaning, truly.

Each and every drop that makes ripples in this world is sacred, and brings an important element to this world. Never think you are nothing, worth nothing, or headed nowhere; that’s the darkness of ego talking, and she’s a nasty thief, trust me. She can slither her hooked arms around our hearts, pull them to her chest, and hold us for ransom, but let me tell you a little known secret, her arms are breakable and never permanent. So bust out!


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