I’m Healing Fine

Recent dark posts aside, just wanted to update everyone on how I’m fairing; I am feeling better now that I am finally, truly, letting go.

It is hard; losing someone over Christmas, but I feel that I have been losing my ex-friend over the past 5-6 months now. I just held on to her, or the idea that she’d get over it, for that long. However, that is not the case anymore, and I’m glad to let her go now. She has been there for a good portion of my life, now; almost half of it, to be exact, but it’s okay.

We each have brick walls to climb over, leaps of faith to take, as well as things/people that no longer serve us to let go of. It’s all in how we handle these difficult things we are forced to do to keep going. It’s no longer healthy to hold on to that which will only cause us much unneeded pain, stress, or suffering. Life will forever contain trials, and judgment calls to make, which are difficult in nature; it is unavoidable.

However, these hardships and the strength to get through them are why we humans need community above all else; for encouragement, acceptance, and love to help make living worth the journey. I stress that those who feel they are alone in their situations aren’t, truly. All they need to do is speak up, and let someone in to help. There is always information out there that can help another to get further than they could on their own.

Love, above all, can help encourage someone who is lonely to make better decisions, feel stronger than they thought they could be, and feel they have a purpose. A sense of purpose is so important that when it comes to needing to figure out the reasoning behind why we’re here, a sense of purpose give us that goal, and helps us to feel as if we are in fact needed in this world. I oftentimes come across people who say the world would be better off if they’d left, as they had been conditioned to believe they are worth nothing, and various other self-deprecating talk that hurts an empath to the core to hear.

My post on emotional conditioning focuses strictly on that subject matter, and  I still stand by what was said there. When one feels they don’t belong in this world, want out, and want to just go to sleep and awaken in bliss, they have not been given the love they need to make it in this world. They need those around them who have been where they are, so they can reach them with the same notes of sadness, depression, and experience in the dark as those presently suffering there. It’s too bad they don’t have a social media app where people suffering from depression can be teamed up with a counselor who’s been where they are presently, but I’m sure that’s too radical a thought, as people’s confidentiality would be at stake. It’s difficult for those who need help to receive/find it, even though the resources are, in fact, out there.

Another thing, is it’s too bad we’re not raised to be there for each other. I’ve noticed that common courtesy  is disappearing quickly these days, and it worries me with all the sensitives out there struggling to live another day. More and more people are joining the stance of not wanting to help their fellow man because they are earning money for themselves, and not for the less fortunate; leaving them to fend for themselves, and likely no treatment at all, resulting in suicide, or death from other causes that could have been treated.

It amazes me how people can see other people as disposable, and it needs to be fixed in our society. We need to raise our children to care for each other, not just themselves. Of course, I could go on for days on what we could do to create a better society; however, sadly, it’s not that simple. Philanthropy can only get you so far, sadly. But we do do what we can.


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