Mother Nature’s Temp Flux

Ah, winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Today marked the warmest day forecasted in my area in about a week, and the temps will be climbing to a record high where I live. What does this mean? We’ve had snow every weekend so far this month, and with the recent election results, it just certainly doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Listening to Classic Christmas tunes here as I finished up financial reports, I can’t help but long for earlier years when all was truly right with the world, as Ralphie said in A Christmas Story. However, there were underlying monsters awaiting their chance to strike.

Not to go political on everyone here, my stance is nothing more than opinion on the subject, but I’m not in favor of the president Elect, and am shrouded in fear over what is to come. Though, I look forward to seeing our constitution at work, on what our freedoms really are in this country. For the first time in my life, I will see our liberties tested, and I look forward to seeing where it all will go. I will not lace this post with political bashing, as I wish more than anything to see our country strong, and filled with love and hope, just as much as anyone who voted in this election. I have my fears and opinions, sure, but they are for me, as speaking out will soon be frowned upon if things change too drastically. I am for the good will of the people, and the world, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid at least a little.

As far as this winter, nothing will ever be the same. Last year, my life was turned upside down at the loss of a parent, but I have since done my best to make things happen the best way I know how. I have some hard times up ahead, and will end up neglecting various people during that time. It’s scary, I know, but I hope that everyone I care about will understand. Soon my generation will be the adults, and I’m not ready for that; no one ever is.

My voice in this is fairly novice, and new, and I’m not yet ready to join the political agenda on journalism, and doubtful I’ll ever truly be ready for arguments on the matter. However, when it comes to the weather, I am hoping it will soon stabilize to give us some comfort in something we can expect; some form of continuity, comfort, and feel good about. Sure, we can’t request sixty degree weather in December/January in the upper Midwest, but we can hope for stability in something.

I guess that is all we can pray for now, is stability, strength, and continuity in our lives. We have come so far, and it seems so uncertain now, as more people are worried about their futures more than ever before. Let’s come together under common goals, love, and understanding. There is no true right or wrong, just miscommunication, in my opinion, and we need to see eye to eye somehow. All our voices deserve to be heard, no matter what religion, skin color, creed, lifestyle, or age. The way I see it, is we are all one, and just as worth it as the person next to us. This season is about love; let love shine and warm the earth this Holiday season.


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