Christmas Blues, Reds, and Greens

This Christmas is an interesting one, indeed. As emotions run high, everyone is feeling mixed up over this year and everything that’s happened; the shock lingers as this year ends in a week. There are those clinging to what semblance is left, and there are those who are boldly waiting to see what the new year will bring.

I, for one, have been more blue than fearful these days. I thought I had lost faith on November 8th after hearing the results, but when I watched the world’s reactions, I knew then that it was nowhere near over.

I speak of the resolve held by those who love our country, the patriots who refuse to stand on the side of those who wish to stand in the way of rights righteously fought for by those who lost their lives to facilitate change in the past, and recent years.

For me, I am more a feminist, I do admit, though that is due to the household I was raised in. I was raised to see the world through the eyes of someone who sees everyone, no matter of race, creed, religious beliefs, or lifestyle as an equal, and to return what is dealt. Yes, those reflect my heart, soul, and decisions made on a daily basis, but I am aware those ways may not be yours. I respect that, and I don’t see how hard that can be for others, as I’ve never seen this world through the eyes of another who grew up in a different household, raised on different values.

Respect isn’t hard to have for someone, or at least, it shouldn’t be. However, these days, I have begun to wonder as to where it went.

However, on a lighter note, the world isn’t ending on January 1st. This new year is the start for a chance to learn a lot about ourselves, our hearts, and each other’s values. We have come to only pay attention to our own values as of recent years, and this new year will bring a big eye opener for us all. None of us know what’s on the horizon, but we can rest assured that change is certainly on it’s way.

What kind of change? Who knows. It’s hard to say as to just how dangerous all this could get, but we have the opportunity to see how much freedom we really have in the end. Reform is inevitable now, and all we can do is hope that we have as much control as we have always hoped we’ve had. We’re about to get a glimpse of what kind of country we really love.

So, how about instead of hoping for that combustible hover board we always wanted for Christmas, we hope for peace, stability, and goodness to be on the agenda? I know, sounds wholesome and cliché; whatever. The point is, we give up, then it really is our loss in the end. George Takei recently posted an article called “Welcome to the Resistance,” which has some profound thoughts in it, and puts a lot of things into perspective, for sure. However, as I’ve gone down the political toilet I previously assured I wouldn’t tread down, I say to you that even though this year has suddenly become precious to many, as the next year holds such uncertainty for them, don’t just discount Christmas, especially this one, as one in the same as last years, and all the others you’ve known your whole life. Consider this one precious for the very reason that you know what this Christmas will entail. The next Christmas? We’ll see… I choose to surround myself in Red and Green cheer and love, not blue, as it’s not over yet, thank goodness.


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