2017; Our Future…

I have seen memes on Facebook reflecting how we choose to spend our 2017; from hearts that are not afraid of the dark. They consist of sayings along the lines of:

No stress, more sleep, less hate, more love, more hope, less fear, etc.

Well, I must say these memes are surreal, and yet comforting, and here’s why; they reflect what Bill Pullman’s character stated in the movie Independence Day (The original), “We will not go quietly into the night…” I see hope reflecting in those memes. When the electoral college voted as they did, I lost a sliver of hope in the American institution. However, our people are nowhere near done.

Our democracy is being tested, that’s for sure, and it’s people are making sure they’re heard on every issue known today. Sure, things are set up, and rigged, it’s plain to see. However, when it comes to democracy, those who are against what our country was based on will not win without a good fight on their hands. The progression of this country has proceeded the way it has for a reason; the voice of the American people. Sure, there are those who felt left out, and that was wrong on so many levels. However, due to such a messed up race, a lot of Americans felt this time around was not worth it.

To me, that was more messed up on many levels than the results of the election. For that many people not to care about their voice, something’s definitely wrong. Our brick tower is leaning, and badly. It is about to fall over, and bricks are falling onto the ground.

As I drove to work this morning, I thought about those I care about who would be seen as insolent, illegal immigrants, and those who are considered heretics for not believing the same as  the majority. Their lives count just as much as those who are straight-laced, and follow the doctrine to a ‘T’. However, those who are extremists will never see these innocent people as such. I will go unharmed; however, those I love will suffer the most. In my heart, if there is one doctrine that needs to be heeded, it’s that All Men are created equal. Peace, love, understanding, tolerance; where have these gone? They still exist today, but not amongst the loudest voices of the day. Who really matters? It should truly be all people.

Yes, I am a Liberal, but I am not the type who would exclude anyone from anything, as I believe everyone deserves to be heard. However, boundaries are to be respected. Such as people’s beliefs? Hands off! People’s rights to live? Hands off! People’s rights to happiness? Hands off! Since when does the happiness of others destroy the life of someone not connected with their plight? Since when does what happens behind closed doors of one person’s personal realm matter to another who lives a completely different lifestyle? How does that effect another who has nothing to do with them? I will never understand this concept, as I was born in a home of tolerance, and love that does not end.

I could never imagine what it would be like to live worried about how others live their lives, and feel it my right to hurt the ones who do not live as I do. It must be stressful living under the umbrella of worry for others who are just living the life they are meant to live. It must cause such distress, hatred, negative emotions/thoughts, and fear for someone they don’t know. I could never thrive, or survive that way.

Yes, the song is annoying to much of the populace, but the song Let it Go is a song for the ages, as, in my opinion, people who are paying too much attention to those who are just trying to live their own lives in peace, with no regard for how others see them, is a good example of what they should do; just let it go. Each person is judged based on their life, and how they treat others, and they were never instructed to reap the wheat fields.

This is my first day back after the Christmas holiday, and I am ready to watch the country come to life; I look forward to seeing what happens this coming January. I look forward to these historical times ahead, and I keep hope in my heart for the future. What I pray for, is my business alone. However, history now belongs to the people this round. We will truly know soon who’s got the loudest voice among us.


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