Star Wars to the New Bloods?

Today’s news was certainly a shocker for me, as well as many Star Wars fans out there; today is the death date of Carrie Fisher, the legendary Princess Leia. I know what you’re all thinking… Or at least I think I do… Why post about this when it’s everywhere? Well, I choose to because she was an idol to me when I was very young. I was born the year Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope came out, and she was my favorite, aside from Luke Skywalker that is.

We all became frightened when it was announced this past weekend that she’d suffered a massive heart attack/cardiac arrest on her flight back to Los Angeles from the U.K., but we had faith she would ride it out, survive, and be our light at the end of 2016; the one who would get away and cheat death. Unfortunately, death won out… in the end…

How does this bode for the next year? That all leads to be seen. This news darkens the already sullen winter months we’re living right now. It might as well be night outside without the sun. She was funny, intelligent, witty, and an amazing actress; not just as Princess Leia, her iconic role that made her famous, but I also remember her being the crazy ex of John Belushi’s character in the Blues Brothers. She not only knew how to play the princess with a chip on her shoulder, but also an ex with a heart gone cold enough to want retribution of the sweetest kind.

I will most certainly read her books now, and pay homage to her as the person she truly was, and re-watch the original Star Wars episodes, along with the Blues Brothers, and look up anything else she may have done to get the full spectrum.

The world will certainly never be the same again, with her gone. And today, I mourn with the rest of the world for this loss. Goodbye, Carrie, may your newest adventure be just as wild, crazy, and wonderful as the ones you enriched our lives with. Thank you, and may you R.I.P.


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