Back to Work

Holidays are over; the eating and partying are through, and we are all in a tiffy as we are expected back at our usual drawl… We left 2016 behind us, and it’s hard to see it for the new year it is, without fears of the GOP party for some folks.

Our President-elect is calling for everyone to band behind him, though a lot of us are finding that difficult to handle. How do we get past all that? Who knows. Artists are making a mockery of the inauguration, and have been awaiting a chance to make a statement; which shows people are not backing down.

For me, I am sitting back to watch as the fire in the bellies of the populace is brewing into a raging fire. This historical January will be interesting, possibly entertaining, but crazy, for sure. As I’ve said before, my opinions are not spread here to influence anything, just to write about current drabble, and events.

However, on another note, anxiety wracked my soul the past week, as there was a lot of time off, and barely anything getting done. everyone enjoyed having the holidays on the weekends, and having extra time off. I know, I certainly did, but it threw off a lot in some industries, and I look forward to having a holiday season of the norm, and one we can plan better for. Of course, that was just my opinion.

Anyways, this is a short post, just about my thoughts and letting everyone know, daily posts will resume, finally, as I will be in every day as usual. So, keep an eye on your inboxes, because this year is going in the historical files, that’s for sure!


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