Frozen Skies

Nature is so amazing; how just the flow of air could turn one day into what feels like two by just the pick-up of a breeze velocity, causing the temperature to drop dramatically from around 30 degrees or more, down to 10.

What also amuses me is how we humans adapt to these dramatic changes in airflow and temperature. It really is quite astounding! I know there are more technical terms, and that it’s just a matter of science on how such a phenomenon could easily occur; I originally planned to become a meteorologist myself years ago, but in essence, no matter what math, or scientific know-how you have, wonders never truly cease.

I just took down the garland, tiny tree, and cards we received for Christmas at the front desk, and it seemed strange to do so. I became so used to having the lights, the greenery, and the bows up here over the past month, but now, it’s baron, simple, and general. It feels devoid of feeling, but I guess that’s how the company wants it.

We all look forward to the chances during the year to express ourselves, and make our environment fun, enjoyable, and interesting. Too bad there aren’t ‘Just Because’ days, where you can dress as your neighbor, just because. Or dress like a punk rocker, just because.

Or how about wear a wig to work day, where you wear a wig to see if people can guess who you are; not necessarily if you are posing as a celebrity, but whether a wig you found could change your look so dramatically they can’t recognize you. Wouldn’t that be fun? Of course it would! Admit it, you thought about dusting off that blonde wig to see if you could still pull it off like you used to.

We all, to a point, can feel trapped in the mundane, and it can grate on the spirit, as we love variety. Yeah, we could all decide to cosplay out in public just to bring a smile to people’s faces (I admit, I do that from time to time to remind people of their inner children), which is amazingly fun! People can call me a child if they want, but honestly, don’t knock it till you do it and have fun!

But all in all, this world is interesting, just like we are interesting, as we too can change as quickly as the frozen skies on any given day.


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