Unconditional Love is Important, More Than You Know

I recently helped a friend who was going through her own personal hell. This past weekend, I witnessed a huge transformation in her heart, and soul. Her family was going through some hard, emotional times with her, and there was a lot of bad energy between them they had been nurturing without their knowledge.

She was feeling the need to cut herself, though she resorted to drawing on her arm with a sharpie instead, as she had enough love for herself deep within not to inflict actual pain. When she told me that she’d scratched herself superficially with a pencil, I was saddened that it had gotten bad enough to inflict even the slightest of pain. She showed me when I arrived to pick her up to have her over to give her sanctuary and a break from the situation. By that night, the scratches were gone.

Curious, eh? Well, healing went on, and she’s doing much better. I am an energy worker, and I was able to find what was emotionally inflicting her, and helped heal the kinks. She’s going home today to get settled into a new home outside of her family with their help; a complete transformation on both fronts.

One of the things she told me was that she’d learned a lot since her short time staying with my family; one of those things was that unconditional love does, in fact, exist. She found it through my family, and we are grateful she was with us for that short time. She said she doesn’t want to stop learning, and I told her that was fine.

Her family is reaching out with new eyes this morning, and I’m thankful that they are seeing her from a different perspective now. I will admit that I was very worried about her looking into places with her family, but knowing that she’s standing up for herself after everything that happened, I’m glad that she had this time with my family to reflect and open her eyes.

The point of this post isn’t meant to praise what I did for her, or her family; it’s meant to bring up an important subject-Unconditional Love. It’s out there still, just not as prevalent as it used to be. It used to be seen wherever you went, but now, it’s seen as a myth. She came into our household not believing me when I said that was what she would experience within our walls; now, she’s all the more wiser.

She said she will give that to her family, as the discord was partially due to that problem. She said she will teach them what it is, and show them what she learned while staying with us. The main point is, it’s not hard to show love, even to your enemies. The thing to think about is that no heart is fully evil, or mad; love is always within, no matter how deep one has to dig to find it.

Think about it this way; if Luke Skywalker was able to find love in his father, Anakin Skywalker’s dark and twisted heart, it can be found within the heart of your enemies. Even Harry Potter was able to spark the love lost deeply within the heart of Tom Riddle. You get the message there, I’m sure.

She chose to set aside what they’d done to her in the past, see past those actions/words they inflicted upon her, and show them the way to healing the rest of the way. Family means a lot to her, and I commend her. She’s strong, caring, understanding, and wonderful on so many levels. I’m so glad she’s become a lighthouse on the shore, guiding her family through the stormy seas.

Yeah, tough times are ahead, but there will be much healing for everyone. Love truly is what we all need, and it doesn’t cost us anything to give it. A lot of people have been afraid to lose even a smidgen of their energy to someone who seems low to the ground. The true message here, folks, is this: it does not cost us anything to be kind to each other, to show love for those we don’t know, or are less fortunate than us; it does quite the opposite, actually. I know, it’s cliche to say the Beetles had it right, but listen to it, listen to the song; all we really need is love.

I know I’ve gone a bit on the political end this year, and sure, you all know how I feel; where I stand is no question, but honestly, let’s show love for those who need it, and love for those seeking it. It’s not hard, honestly. What will you lose? A sense of darkness regarding that person, a sense of being better than others in a negative way, perhaps?

However, what you need to reflect on more is what you will actually gain, and here’s where it gets good, folks, cause this is what your heart is looking for:

  • A reason to smile-give it up, honestly, it’s hard not to smile after doing a good deed, so join the club, it’s happy here.
  • A reason to lift someone up who’s been down for too long-come on, what is so wrong with helping someone up off the ground who’s been there for far too long? Please, I would like to know, and I’m not kidding, either because I admit that I don’t get it.
  • A reason to see others as equals, not as low-lives who deserve only the dirt upon the shoe, or the concrete we walk on. They deserve what we deserve, so how was it decided they didn’t? That’s another thing I don’t understand…
  • A reason to feel better about yourself aside from what you’ve achieved, what your assets are, and what possessions you’ve accumulated. Seriously, look at your life; ask yourself, “What have I truly done in my life?” Nourish your soul and heart? Or nourish your ego and external image? Take a good look; you might be surprised, but that’s a journey you need to take on your own, as it will affect you alone, first.

No journey worth going on is easy, no journey of self-exploration is without a beginning fraught with fear. Fear it, you should at first, as all of us fear dealing with our dark sides. I know, I’ve dealt with mine, and she’s quite the defiant cookie. That leap of faith that you will come out healed in the end is worth the trip, trust me. No light exists without the dark, and no dark exists without the light; a balance between the two is essential to achieve, and most certainly possible. So, give it a shot! Unconditional love afforded and given by you awaits. Be strong, it’s totally worth it!


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