Fragile Hearts and Trust Issues

I have written about hearts, I have written about family matters, as well as how important being unconditional is. All of these are important, there’s no question about that.

However, when it comes to trusting someone, that’s a different story. I have come to learn how to see past people’s lies in the recent past, and one got one past me, but not forever. I figured out a few things with this last endeavor of mine, and I lost trust, and interest, in the one who invaded my trust with cohersion and lies, pulling what he was after back into his home.

Now, I’m not going into detail, but in essence, I am not allowing this person to invade my trust again. Now, this person is not family to me, per say, but in having dealings with this person, definitely a no no. I will forever care about my friend who has an attachment with this person, and that is my friend’s business and life decision. I honor my friend, and care for my friend still, that will not change.

When my friend moved in for a short time, things were good, healing went on, and things are still good. However, when family intervened, they claimed no funny business would go on; till I found out later that day when my friend went home with this person. Trust goes both ways, and punishing my family for no wrong doings doesn’t help, either.

I had the sinking suspicion as I chatted with this family member the other night, that they were not being true to their word, and sure enough, I was right. The question is, will my friend’s family not allow me to spend time with my friend? Will they call the authorities when I pick my friend up to hang out for the day?

I know this person threatened to have my family investigated, which nothing would have been found if they did, but either way, this tips off the cops that funny business went on, which is not true. My friend stayed with my family for a short time on my friend’s own volition, and my friend is over legal age to live outside the family. So, there’s nothing to get snippy about. Generally, when a daughter/son leaves the family behind as an adult, it’s usually to live on campus out of town/state/country, or they get married, or they have friends they want to live with. However, either way, if they are adults, no one has the right to stop them, unless there are special circumstances, such as a debilitating mental illness that requires attention by a certified individual or family member, which this person has no such requirements attached.

I have no say as to where my friend lives, but when trust is broken between the family and mine, making it all a circus, I begin to wonder… This is a first for my family, and a last as well. We are good to people, and help people get on their feet. Yes, we have saved people from abusive households, but to have this kind of issue with a family, that we don’t need. We couldn’t harm a fly! So, sadly, doors are now closed…


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