Today’s Rambles

Today started off mildly cool, for a day in January in the Midwest. It wasn’t too cold as it has been recently, so I was happy to know that I wouldn’t have to worry about deicing my car before I left for work.

This January, aside from the couple weeks of off and on polar vortex visits, has been fairly mild, and enjoyable. Just yesterday, it was crazy weather all around! It was so windy that a fence was blown down along the airport grounds nearby, and a lot of debris was sprinkled about the streets and grounds. Some storms actually hit the area, and the clouds looked dismal.

Today, however, has been sun-less, dismal looking, and calm; barely a bit of wind. Fog has settled as the ground stayed warm while the air cooled over the afternoon hours. The fog will make for an interesting commute home, but since I’m going straight home, it’s no big deal.

Today’s been unusually busy for a Wednesday, and it’s been good having help at the front desk. I have been tying up loose ends and making sure some future plans have been made. Reservations for various conventions proved to be fun and difficult to make a decision, but worth it in the end.

As far as writing, I have written more on this blog on a daily basis than I have written for my fictional side. I have tons of plans, but the motivation isn’t as there as it should be. Why? I don’t know. Projects are proving to be difficult as I am pulled away from routines I would love to develop.

Living with my mother is proving to be difficult for me in the sense that she requests me to do things for her, as she isn’t getting around as easily as she should be, and it has been difficult to concentrate on my own desires once I get home.

I have been bad with distractions, and when I lived apart from my mother, it was a lot easier to concentrate on what is important to me, and I look froward to finding that upon moving into our new home. Once I have started my book that I plan to publish, I will certainly start up a blog about it, and post about it here so my readers can follow me.


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