Ice, ice, and more… Snow?

Mother nature is certainly pissed-off; it’s evident in how the weather here in the US is. We have dense flooding in California, including a tornado in Sacramento, we had very low temps, below freezing, in Florida this last week, ice that won’t stop coming later this weekend in the middle of the country, only to snap the fingers, so to speak, here in my neck of the woods on Monday for the glorious morning commute… makes me want to stay at my friend’s apartment Sunday night so I can enjoy a 15 minute commute to work.

She (Mother Earth) is showing us that global warming is, indeed, real. However, the thing to think about is that even though we are helping attribute to this condition our world finds herself in, this did happen before.

Like the skin on our bodies, earth cycles through times of irritation on the surface, such as puberty, dry skin due to diseases we’ve developed, or cancers we develop due to our diets, the amount of sun we’ve gotten, or just due to our DNA, like the magma deep within ready to form a volcano that will eventually explode and kill many.

Just as we are living organisms, earth is also a symbionic being where many organisms come together to form this living being that moves, changes, and endangers all organisms living within and atop of it. If you think about it, our bodies are covered in bacteria, both good and bad. However, each time we wash our bodies, some of these are washed away, which could symbolize a great flood here on earth’s surface.

Many are delusional and don’t believe there is a connection, that we are just one type of many microorganisms living on Earth’s surface, and we can be killed, or washed away, at any given moment. When the ozone thins, and the extreme UV rays get through, that could be earth laying on a tanning bed, frying us off; you get the picture.

We do need to pay attention, and figure out how we can make the situation better. Sure, it may very well be too late, but what if we were to develop new technology to utilize this energy, and create a safer haven on the surface where we can survive, even through earth’s challenging changes? Instead of fighting over oil that has been causing us strife, and death, why not leave that to earth’s innards, and live only off sources that are renewable and recyclable? What’s so scary about that?

Oh, I forget, the stuff we now consider currency-oil. It used to be cows a couple millennias ago, but no longer. So, what should we do? I certainly hope something better than what we have been. What’s it gonna take? I have no clue, aside from Earth taking it all away, and leaving us with nothing but our new technology. We’ll see what she does, and hope she will be merciful, as this weather has really got us on our toes, that’s for sure.


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