A New Day, Onto Adventure!

A new day, the start of a new schedule. My husband’s life changes after today, and he’s nervous, but also excited. Six years of schooling all comes down to today with the exam that determines all. I am so proud of his achievements, and I am looking forward to seeing him shine, not only in his own eyes, but in the eyes of others who still have yet to know him.

He has struggled, and studied so hard, and will soon receive his certificate. I know he hasn’t passed the last test yet, he goes in today at noon, but I have a lot of faith in him, as he did well studying with flashcards last night, and he is excited for this all to be over and done, so he can stop studying so hard.

For as long as I’ve known him, he’s struggled to find his place in the world, and did whatever he could with management positions in retail, the food industry, and various other jobs here and there. However, nothing seemed to be right for him. He worked hard, and did his best with each and every position he held, though he felt the pay, and the position wasn’t the right one.

He was always highly intelligent in school, got great grades in high school, but decided not to continue onto college after gaining his diploma. He went straight to work, as we were engaged soon after he graduated. I was in college, and working part time, and living at home with parents. He moved in, and we were one big happy family.

After I graduated college, we got married, and my father was forced to partially retire. We stayed to help with the mortgage, and it was rough, as I was forced to get a new job, and got my first temp position.

It was sketchy for both of us for quite some time, in and out of jobs, and struggling financially, as my associates degree didn’t help me much to pay the bills, and the career field I entered into after college morphed so much, I no longer held the skills needed as companies began to cut corners, and hire people on to do the work of five people or more. So, I later went back to college, alongside my husband, who started back at the community college level to get in his prerequisites.

So, six years later, $60,000 owed for him alone, and here we are, awaiting the chance to buy our first home after he receives his bonus from his company, and a chance to really live as a married couple. Will we live the american dream, you ask? I don’t know, but I’m sure whatever we call it, we will be happy, and do well.

So, my love, this post is dedicated to your dedication, your determination, and your love of helping others. Cheers!


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