Flooding My World in… January?

Ah, January, a month that has, in recent years, had an identity crisis. When I was a child, January held cold, but fun memories. Winters rarely went below the 20 degree mark, we rarely had issues with ice as we do now, and we kids had a lot of fun in the fluffy, white snow. Snow suits and ski jackets were the new commodities everyone bought in the fall for the snowy days, and skiing was the biggest winter sport everyone partook in, no matter what the age.

Nowadays, winters are much colder, there’s less days of snow fall, and if the snow falls, it melts days later, or freezes to igloo consistency, and cars that run into the iced-over snow end up needing new fenders. The new commodity isn’t a snow suit, or ski jacket, it’s a warm ski mask that covers everything, sometimes the eyes. Now, the gloves are the thick yarn that has the shiny finger tips for texting on our devices, and the finger-less gloves are still in style so Facebooking isn’t interrupted.

Nowadays, they’re saying we don’t need to start our cars to warm them up so they run better, we’re just scardy cats for not wanting to sit in a cold car. One man even received a parking ticket for leaving his car warming up in his driveway, which is completely unheard of. The times have changed dramatically, and it’s no longer the world I knew as a child. It’s far from, and it’s getting rougher each year, as those wonderful memories become more and more distant.

It’s funny when people tell me I don’t look as old as I say I am; I do admit I have a youthful glow that still hasn’t dimmed, but my memories say otherwise. My wisdom well grows deeper and richer every day, and it seems like these changes are rougher than I could have ever dreamed, or imagined. These days feel full of strife, and less filled with innocence.

I remember when I wasn’t my parent’s age, and I had someone to run to when things got weird, and I needed to vent, or ask questions. Now, I only have myself to discern from. I have to deal with being woken up by Thundersnow, which wasn’t even a thing until recently.

Now I’m the one young people look up to, and I never saw myself as someone to look up to, though my behaviors and the people I’ve helped screams otherwise.

However, now we’re sailing through uncharted territory, and we all must be as wise as we can be, as our parents are getting up there in age, and their bodies aren’t what they used to be. It’s humbling to see the people we looked up to as strong humans fading off, dying, falling ill, and we’re left to fend for ourselves; we get to look through their eyes for once. This is something none of us ever imagined we’d experience, but it’s here, and we have no choice but to step up.

So, now we’re the wise ones, the adults, and the bread winners. It’s our time, and we’re not letting go of our youth so fast. We’re not who our parents were; we’re the newest generation brought up from the bowels of grunge, and hip-hop. We’re the R&B lovers, the kids who grew up on Michael Jackson’s Black or White, and Thriller. We’re the ones who played video games that helped with jumping over Gumpas and taught us to avoid the man-eating flowers, hit the box to get the star so we can knock things out of our way and just breeze on through.

We’re the kids that grew into Halo, and had the chance to enjoy posing as Master Chief as we fought aliens, and each other. We enjoyed other worlds where aliens befriended us, we learned diplomacy through reading our way through unknown worlds as fighters, mages, healers, and diplomats. We are the fearless ones who have lived lives enriched by imagination which wasn’t just limited to soap operas on television, or unrealistic special effects in olden day Hollywood.

We have brought about innovation, and the projections of our lofty imaginations to the masses We are the new adults, the new wise ones to turn to, and our minds solve mysteries in unconventional ways.

So, I guess, when it’s put that way, and it Thundersnows in January, flooding the Midwest and turning our grass green in the dead of winter, it’s a completely different world, which is forcing us to evolve with it. Or, are we evolving this world to fit our desires? I wonder. Either way, ‘interesting’ is the new daily word whenever these phenomena occur.


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