The Beginning of A Healing Journey

Well, my friend is back home today, with my family. She has been given a fresh new start, and one that will never again include her family. It turned out abuse started up again, and she cried out for help.

For days, I had barely heard from her, and became worried, but her friend tapped into her account and let me know there was something wrong. She was worried that her family had turned everyone among them against me. but I told her it was no skin off my back; as I was not there for them.

The amount of trouble her family caused her was immense, and I saw pictures her friend sent that showed how sick she was, physically. This second time arriving at our home, she healed right before our eyes. She had barely eaten or slept for days, as her family treated her lower than dirt, and like a slave without pay; cleaning their apartment, doing their laundry, while they went out and enjoyed their afternoons.

They’d accused my family of treating her that way, and we never did. It was disheartening when we learned of her circumstances. Her family’s fight lead them to drop her off themselves, all because she stood up for herself, finally. They took every opportunity they could to try and convince her of lies against my family, but she stood firm.

I commend her on her strength, and tenacity to want to get away, and not let up on her feelings and emotions. She’d gone through that abuse for over seven long years, and I’m glad she’s finally free for good. It upsets me that her family saw her as an asset, a possession, and their own personal doormat. I’m glad they dropped her off themselves so they won’t cause issues regarding me picking her up all the time, which they were beginning to do already.

All I know, at this point, is my friend now has a chance to make something of her life, explore new avenues, and move on. She decided contact with her family is not an option. It’s so sad that she must move on so abruptly- I know I could never uproot myself from my family as she has, but it is truly for the best. This year certainly is about new beginnings, and last year was the end year of everything that no longer serves us.

Not everyone gets second chances in life, but I am glad my friend, and new adopted sister, is one of those lucky people to get a chance to truly live her life.


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