Farewell Good Old Days… Or Is It?

I know, I know… I stated that Politics was not going to be written about on this blog, but today is an exception as it is January 20th, 2017, Inauguration Day.

I have seen the Facebook posts; a lot of turmoil and celebration everywhere. Two sides of one coin labeled as United States of America. Today, we see a new President and Vice President take their positions in our government.

Boy, a lot has changed in the last year; both good and bad. This country, also, has grown quite a bit over the years, and a lot of glass ceilings have been broken throughout that time. However, what glass ceilings will be broken next? Will they be the ceilings we just formed? And if so, will they break in a manner to serve the people, or hinder the people, pushing our progress backward toward something we didn’t see coming?

Amid the celebration of the next President, a lot of uncertainty and fear lurks in the hearts of many, but hope does still shine amongst that fear. He seems to make it difficult to know where he’s going to go next with his decisions. The senate hearings, and the name calling, the gerrymandering, and the hatred that has spurred up amongst all this transition that brings about nothing but fear over future treasonous acts that could lead to many world-wide disasters. None of us hope for that outcome, and none of us truly want this country, or any other country, to fall. We all truly want peace, one way or another, not war.

Sure a lot of people lost family and friendships over these past few months after the elections. We’ve all questioned ourselves and each other about values supported, or not supported, about our wishes for our country, and whether someone is a closet perv, a closet rapist, or a closet whatever for supporting who they supported. Even though it’s hard to look past the abhorrent acts Trump has committed in his past, right now, we are all citizens of this wonderful country, and that has to remain the fact.

I’m not saying we must unite and accept everything, that’s impossible, really. I am supportive of supporting one’s own individual beliefs, as I believe mine deserve to be respected as well. Not everyone will show that respect, but I believe everyone’s opinions are different in order to achieve peace, not to bring about war. Unity is important in regards to understanding this world, and how to maintain it, as well as our place within it.

Whenever greed rears it’s ugly head, and green spreads over everything on the land, including our souls, we become a species unknown to the land, and difficult to manage. What we need to do is hold onto our image of what we see to be the best situation for our country, and make it so all people are included.

However, oddly, that is a problem; we are willing to sacrifice ourselves without question in times of war, where lives are lost. However, when it comes to money, spending it on the less fortunate has to be limited, even though the rich among us have plenty in off-shore accounts to buy enough houses for the poor to create a town. Greed is the ugliest of sins, and can cause more death than a war over time, and it’s rarely talked about because it’s embarrassing. Well, it should be embarrassing, as it teaches a lesson hard learned.

Will this new administration help with the poor and sickly? Signs point to no at this point. Our government has left us in suspense, worrying about our loved ones, and those who can not provide for themselves, even if they try their hands at hunting, if they are caught without permits in some areas, they are arrested, for trying to provide themselves and their families with food. A lot of gray areas exist in our laws that don’t truly accommodate anyone who has been left behind, and remain under the radar.

I ask again, will our new administration, House of Representatives, and Senate help turn that around? If so, it won’t be done without one hell of a fight. However, there is one great thing that has come out of all this-more and more people are coming out of the wood work to participate in our political system. American citizens are finally paying attention, and are making strides to be heard. They finally see the value of their voices, and are not afraid to show they care about the country, in one form or another.

It turns out this country’s people have been the biggest sleeper, and it reminds me of the line said repeatedly in the occult movie called Dune, “The Sleeper must awaken.” It’s interesting how that has happened. It’s amazing to see so many people flooding the streets in cities around the country, whether in protest, or celebration. People are finally starting to show they care one way or another.

So, if our new President is viewed as working for us, then let’s show him who we are, what we want, what our needs are, and that we’re not playing around. Let’s show him that we do care about our country; so let’s take up our mantles as his boss, and make sure we progress, and continue to keep this country great, as it always has been. We can have our views on him, sure, but let’s work together to help him see the position he’s in, and that we will keep him on his toes. We are great people, so let’s let the world know just how strong we are, even in the face of such adversity.


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