So… What Now?

Politics strikes again, and I have a feeling I may need to set up another blog, specifically for this type of content, but I wasn’t originally planning on it.

This subject is the main topic at the forefront of everyone’s minds out there. It’s hard to avoid spreading opinions about these recent days. Has it seemed like the longest week to any of you? I can’t believe all that has happened in this short amount of time. Tomorrow will mark the first full week that Trump has been out President, and already the country, and the world, is up in a tithy.

Everyone is worried and anxious about losing healthcare coverage, losing rights, losing marriage rights, and losing their plans to own a home, all due to the executive orders he has pushed through so far these days.

So, what have we got to look forward to, really? These days, it’s hard to say. There are people already planning to leave the country somehow; some are scared they may be forced to leave the country, and some are afraid they may lose everything they fought hard for. Even our Vets are in jeopardy even worse than before.

It’s really hard to know what this all means for everyone. I just read about how Democrats are banding behind Trump, and that their will be a third party that will form out of all this to help make an alternative worth voting for, as some candidates that have fought long and hard for our rights are starting to shut up, and not fight as hard.

What was this election all about, anyway? A lot of people lost their endeavors this past year, and now a lot fear for their lives, livelihoods, and their children’s lives, as education is one of the departments that is slated to suffer due to who was hired to head it. There are even those who are comparing our reality with some fictional stories such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and a few other movies that contain content that reflect our present.

Now, I am not one of the people who will roll over and say I accept Trump. I can’t, in good conscience, do that, ever. That is my feeling on the matter, but that is not our subject. I am speaking of everyone I see posts from, hear opinions from, and speak with regarding what’s happening right now. A lot of people are pleading that Trump deserves a chance.

Well, in my opinion, so did Cruz, Rubio, Hillary, and Bernie. However, people from the back country areas were the ones hinted at, and Hillary bet she had in her pocket. Well, she won the popular vote, but she didn’t see the strategy Trump was going, and therefore lost the Electoral College, or so he says.

I wonder, with how many years she’s been in Washington, and her experience if that truly was the way of it? Call me a conspiracy theorist, but with everything that took place, and now seeing that the cabinet Trump has appointed is using private email servers, was it really the way they’re trying to promote it was? Especially with the rise of what are called Alternative Facts, otherwise known as lies?

This election was handed to Trump on a platter, and I just feel other underlying factors were at work behind the scenes. Do I believe Russia had a hand in it? Sure, but you’re looking at unresearched strategy here. As a writer, I tend to think kind of like Rick Castle from the hit TV series that was recently cancelled called Castle; he theorized, and tended to use his writing wiles to help Detective Kate Beckett solve brutal murders in New York.

I am a fiction writer myself, alongside this blog, and I see a lot of ways this all could have gone down, as I’m sure everyone around can as well. However, the inaction is what’s really disturbing the populace. Was our government really broken? If so, how broken? It’s funny because our government had become so convoluted and difficult to understand the inner workings that it became difficult to know who or what to trust anymore.

Is that what people were talking about? I will say this, was Trump really the man for the job? I’m not saying that I’m letting my opinion rule here, I’m just trying to understand the mentality of one who was truly for him, in the belief that he, himself, knew what he was getting into. I will tell you what I see:

I see a man who ran to prove a point, and didn’t expect to go all the way, and win. I see a man who was forced into this position even though all he wanted was to remain a business man till his last dying breath. I see a man who was strong-armed into continuing this run, and ended up in the White House without an agenda because he never expected the people to truly vote for him. I see a man who has been deteriorating for years, and has not been himself for a long time, and is hoping for a reason to be… well, that goes a bit far, as those sort of happenings are never easy to deal with no matter who it is. His body language says one thing, while his mouth says another. Am I the only one who sees these things?

I never said I never cared about him, I just have issues with him in this position, as I don’t see it as a promising position for him. The world is against him, tarnishing his image he had fought so hard to build and keep for all these years. He’s no longer the Donald Trump we held high respect for, and I see his image ruined every second of the day. I mean, hell, deep down, I don’t hate anyone, but I do hate people’s actions and decisions from time to time. He’s never been the type to back down from an endeavor, even if it has gone wrong. He always finds a way to make it good in his favor, even if it means stepping all over and killing off the little guy who gave him trouble. Could that be us next?

I am seeing his switch-hitting on a daily basis, sometimes more than once in one day; hence why this week has felt like a month! People can choose to fear his wrath for speaking out, and not exercise their first amendment rights, but I am not one to sit still in fear. I am a writer, and I speak out.

Be our President, Trump, if that is truly what you desire to be. However, you are being called upon to act like our President. You were elected to work for us, not the other way around. You have not made any sense since your election, and you still have no plan in your mind. I see this, and it scares the world. You are undoing sanctions put in place to protect humanity all around the world, and those people will suffer. That suffering could bring war to our shores, and our special interests. You must see this crumbling, but it seems as if it’s not important to you. If you wish to continue on this route, at least do us all a favor, and release your tax returns, and a plan to the world so that we see where the hell your going with all this! If you don’t know, then you might as well step down since you are virtually unable to hire advisers who can help you figure that out.

It’s true, a President doesn’t have to be a politician; however, that person has to have a moral center, and abide by our constitution, as it is there to protect the people, not to be mocked.


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