Life As A feat

Have you ever been so busy that not even life can get in your way? Where people come and go, even outside of work, so much that you feel you don’t have time for even just yourself? Or is your life so chill, you only have a few good friends who also have lives, and you have all the downtime you’ve ever needed?

For me, I have a full schedule. At times, it feels like the sun is shining on me just a little too much, announcing my position, wherever I go; it’s a feat, I tell ya. My life used to be chill. I used to have plenty of downtime; however, since I’ve finished school, become a healer, and got a full time job, my life has become so complicated. My family and husband don’t see me as often, and I feel like I’m constantly running all over the place. It’s rough!

How do you all cope with busy schedules? I know parents can attest to such busy schedules and lifestyles, but I’m not necessarily a parent. Yeah, I could tell people I need to relax, and I have. However, stuff crops up, all the time! How is that possible? And then finding out things that should have been taken care of have lapsed. How do we handle those issues?

Good question…

I feel I’m spread too thin… It’s hard to juggle it all, though everyone, and everything is equally important in my eyes. Maybe that’s the problem? Hmm, it’s hard to say. Can you tell I’m just rambling on? Filling space? I don’t see that as a bad thing.

You see, I’m an empath who pays attention to everything, but I am a linear thinker (I can only focus on one subject at a time) and I tend to miss things, which is a bit of a contradiction. I sense everything, and only so little at the same time. Weird, huh? I guess the strongest emotions and energies get my attention, but I tend to have to pay attention to those around me because I am so linear. I tend to pay attention to a subject, object, or task individually until I finish that task, and feel upset whenever I’m pulled away from the zone I am in. It’s perfect for being a writer, but bad for running a class full of people.

Sure, you could say, then why not request not to be bothered? Well, it’s my nature, and that’s not easy for me to do. Sure, I’m believe I may be able to conquer that challenge and come out a different person, but I am concentrating on one issue at a time (linear). I’m the type who gets agitated through the day because I’m constantly interrupted by people, things, or issues. How does one juggle these things without being agitated? I feel like I am the source from which all operations thrive since everyone comes to me.

For a long time, I wanted to be in the corner, away from view, and not paid any attention. I’m the type who can thoroughly enjoy a job where I can unplug from the world, and escape for hours on end. I can immerse myself in a world of my own creation, and the result of hours of that escapism can form amazing worlds, stories, characters and plots that could be loved by everyone made aware of their existence.

However, this society requires money to survive. Yes, I have other income, but with a job such as I have presently, this blog seems the outlet, as it takes a short time to write an entry, and edit it before publishing it. As you’ve seen, I have written on various subjects that even borderline the political. Today is just purely personal in nature, as I just don’t feel like writing about politics, the weather, or the way someone has been treated, or has been treating others.

It’s not that I have run out of material, it’s just I post what I feel, experience, or even what I have questions on. Sure, this may not be a piece that keeps people interested, but that’s not the point. A voice, is a voice, is a voice, and sometimes, these posts may, one day, reach someone. That is my purpose; my goal as a writer.


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