Writing Should Be My Life

I know, pompous title, but hey, there it is. I go to work five days out of the week, and I am reminded daily of emails I send out about lost and found items, and how funny they are. I never realized I truly had a sense of humor until adulthood, and even now, it amazes me every time I speak and people laugh.

I do remember being klutzy in my youth, as I had coordination issues during my development years as a child. However, I was a serious, and mature child. I loved to play alone, I enjoyed being independent, and I was somewhat of a leader at times, when I could contribute. Other than that, my parents enjoyed each time I taught them something new, and intelligent.

As I grew older, I began to communicate more, and found the joy of writing alongside story telling. It’s grown over the years into a passion that has grown into a need for me. Nowadays, the next level will go either one of two ways: 1) I will get myself into a career where I write for a living, either within a company, or as a freelancer, or 2) work for now, and later, live as a novelist and short story writer who submits their work to magazines.

I haven’t decided yet, as one worry with my being a writer for a company is whether I will lose my luster as a writer. Another thought is whether writing for a company could cause me to want to stop writing eventually if my writing talents are abused; however, that would be an extenuating circumstance. It’s hard to decide, as I feel I would be taking a stab in the dark, really. The company I work for loves my writing, but would they love for me to end up in a different position? In a different branch? In a different department where my writing would be dulled, directed, and less free?

That’s just it, freedom; I love freedoms, and the possibilities that comes with freedom. If I set myself to writing FOR someone, I fear I may lose my voice, and that’s the last thing I want. But will I lose my voice? Will they give my voice praise if I keep it? Will I be happy with how my voice develops? I’m not sure. I guess I need guidance on this, as it could give me the experience I need.

Either way, no matter what route I choose to go, I am a writer first and foremost, and I hope that I will be able to achieve more than I have, and grow as a writer and a person. I guess you could say that is my goal, overall.


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