Philanthropist Horrors

I took in a friend, to help her heal and move on from an abusive family, and now mine is against me. How often does this sort of thing happen? I have done nothing wrong, and yet, I am watching those family members in question hurt my mother. I am unable to do anything about it! If I make a move, they can press charges. If I defend my mother, they can press charges. If I leave, my mother will be in financial jeopardy.

I read texts from my mother that my sister caused her to be sick and lose her lunch today, and she was feeling just fine before she called. I don’t know how else to take this but to call and scream in my sister’s ear. It hurts me to be caught in the middle of a hailstorm, and be completely innocent.

Families are not the same anymore, and this is obviously the end of a wonderful era. I am not wanting anything to do with my family anymore, and I am not wanting to remain with them. I don’t like walking away, but I don’t know what else to do. My mom could go willingly, but I would look bad in their eyes. It amazes me that this is even happening. It’s mind-boggling that they can even make sense of what they’re saying to my mother.

So, do I comply? Or do I defy to be the courageous one, and stand up for myself against their hypocrisy? It’s such a nasty place to be in, and I don’t know what to do next. And here, my husband just learned that he passed his last CPA test, with flying colors might I add, and we’re planning on looking for homes and moving out on our own steam, not off my mother’s money. And yet, they’re still not convinced. He has a job, he makes great money, and so do I. I want nothing to do with my mother’s money, and I want nothing to do with the house. I am not stepping on any toes, nor am I abusing my mother. However, by staying, I feel like I’m allowing it to continue. My mother is being forced to choose who she loves in the family. It’s bad enough she’d mourning my father, and now she’s mourning her beloved family.

They think I’ve brainwashed her, and that she’s no longer herself, or capable of being on her own, and that all the strife she’s going through is due to my actions, and my taking in my friend, when it is they who are killing her. How did they become so delusional? And why are they afraid to talk to me directly, and ask me questions? Like I’m the plague, or something… This makes no sense, and I don’t like this at all. Rambling Thoughts Out.


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