Silenced? I Think Not.

(This is in reaction to what happened on the senate floor regarding Senator Elizabeth Warren’s silencing as she began to read a letter regarding Jeff Sessions’ actions by Coretta Scott King. To silence the intelligent words of a woman, read by a strong woman is a slap in the face, all just to stop senators from making an educated decision on a vote for a man who should be questioned. These are my words in reaction to this occurrence, to show I am one who will not be silenced, just like Senator Elizabeth Warren, as I too am a strong woman, and my voice is worth hearing!)

You know the past, you know what each other did.

You are lined up, for your chance in Washington.

Well, guess what? There was a reason you were previously denied, and won only by rigging.

That reason will not rest, not even while you’re in office.

Your time to serve is limited, as this was not supposed to happen.

You think you will have a great chance to contribute your ideals, but we will make sure that is impossible.

You think we’re a bunch of idiots who have won all these years due to defiance; you’re seriously wrong.

The people have won over your position for a reason, and now you’ve been handed the season.

However, that season will not last long.

The people will not remain silent, and you can’t silence the truth from the people.

Nice try, Mitch McConnell; Senator Elizabeth Warren was still heard by us, the people.

Silence does not afford you freedoms to reign, it affords you karmic action after it’s all said and done.

We, the people, will once again, be forced to attain our government back from the rich to never rule in this country again! You can count on that!



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