Hope and Love

Today, is Valentine’s Day, and for the first time in years, love is certainly more present than it has been. My release of my family woes has helped me feel lighter, my friends are falling in love, which is great, and my husband who passed all his CPA tests will receive his certificate of practice in the mail shortly; so yes, love and hope are in the air.

I know it has not shown up for everyone, as a lot of people are still posting about strife on the internet, reporters and journalists are stuck reporting on the faltering Trump Administration, and somehow, trying to find love in that cesspool would seem impossible, for sure.

However, hope is in the air, at least, for those who continue to fight, using love as their fuel. Short and sweet as this post will be, as not many would rather sit in front of a screen reading what they already know, but just as a reminder that the wheels are turning, things are happening, and we will soon succeed in our goals, no matter what those happen to be.

I wish for families to be healed, I wish for couples to be healed, and i wish for those who are lonely to find what they’re looking for. Doesn’t have to be a lover or someone to love, but an item to bring them peace tonight, at least. Something to bring a smile across their melancholy faces.

We’ve all experienced such stress, fear, sadness, and anger since November, and it’s wearing thin. Kudos to those who continue to fight, as I have not joined that fight most recently, due to my own family issues, which are being resolved as we speak. This country is not done yet, and the world has nothing to fear just yet. It may have seemed like people here have lost their minds, but that is not the case. Our election as messed with, and we’re not sleeping until it’s fixed. The world will soon relax as the mess in Washington is righted, and the clueless running amok are sent home, or jailed for treason, and we, the people, will promise to give to the world, and help those in need, as usual; or even better our efforts than they were.

Things are happening, people, and I suggested we send out love for one another today, as it is Valentine’s Day after all. Just take the night off, and send love to those in need.


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