Friday Morning Thougths

Hmm, what to write about this morning… Well, I guess I can write about how this morning will be the last cold morning under 35 degrees in my area; yeah, that sounds good.

You know how we can have the worst week of our lives, and then wake up the morning after everything has been resolved, drama is gone, and we get a decent night’s rest for once, and all of a sudden, we find the time to lay down and watch a flower bloom with a smile on our face? Yep, folks, that’s called peace.

I was feeling that peace before I left for work this morning, and I’m glad that I am feeling good for once. No more family drama, no more friends needing saving, no more issues arising over abuse and bad tempers, just things to look forward to.

Not sure if everyone reading this is experiencing this sort of day, but I thought it would be nice to post something on the happy side, for once. I am no longer afraid of the political scene we’ve been reading/watching the news about, I’m no longer afraid of my record being tarnished, and it makes me wonder who is working behind the scenes to help me feel this good all of a sudden? As if I needed a break, or something.

One could say God was watching and was tired of me being pathetic, or the universe finally allowed me to manifest my perfect morning, or I just learned how to let go; however you’d like to debunk it. I’m cool with that, but one thing’s for certain, it is odd when total peace befalls someone who’s been running themselves ragged over stressful situations, to find a hammock between two trees that wasn’t there before, and a table with a fruity drink and umbrella above to shade you from the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like reality; please, we all live in reality. However, there’s nothing like a forced vacation, am I right? Well, reality can grate on us as well, after a while, and we feel like we need an escape. All I was saying earlier this past weekend was how I wanted to Thelma and Louise my way out of the drama with my friend, and I got the perfect morning? Wow… Has anyone else gotten to that point where they wouldn’t mind a bit of stomach in your throat falling for a few seconds? I’m not afraid of heights, nor am I afraid to fall, as long as I don’t die from it.

I guess my free-fall situation stems from my need to let go, and just feel for once. When you fall or jump over the edge, your body is forced to let go. I guess that’s why we dive from high heights into beautiful pools of water-very metaphorical. You leave behind that which hurts and destroys you, and fall into a pool of liquid that catches you, stops your momentum, cradles you, and makes you feel loved as you’re surrounded by that body of substance. Like leaving your obnoxious, toxic family behind to run into the arms of your friends, you know? And water is life, it is within us, surrounding us, we breathe it in with the air we breathe; it’s everywhere.

So, I guess we can say there’s one more way to let go of everything and move on-Jump off a diving board into that beautiful pool of cuddly, loving water.


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