Would You Like A Side of Forgiveness?

Everyone’s heard about forgiveness, and how important it is; but what does it mean, really? Well, some people believe in the simple definition of forgiving the person, and never questioning whether that person should be allowed back in to their life.

Me, on the other hand, I have a hard time forgiving others fully. I will forgive them on the standpoint they are only human, and the situation was a causal effect. So, I will forgive the situation, and the person on the level that they’re only human, and were only reacting per their character. However, their actions are dependent on them.

As a writer, it’s hard to forgive someone fully at times because I see the many different ways they could have gone with their choices, and what would have been better for everyone involved as a whole, and I realize it doesn’t give the person who acted, as best as they thought they could, the benefit of the doubt, but it’s my plot-twisted mind that stops me from just blindly trusting again.

Being a writer is fun, wonderful, and never feels like work; however, when it comes to stringing together realistic situations with other people, I feel like I’m a participant in a story unfolding around me, and can’t help but think I’m helping to write it. I see those around me as characters in my own book, or movie. It’s crazy, yes, but that’s how my mind sees the people around me oftentimes.

However, after learning my mother and Aunt made up after the family drama she caused, I was in shock, but still have not found a reason to forgive her. I was the one she accused, I was the one in the middle of that dramatic crisis, and I was the one lied about. How does one forgive another’s actions when it comes to something like that? Good reasons aside, I don’t know how I can let my Aunt in after everything I found out she’d done in her life. Sure, it’s holding herself against her, and her nature has yet to be understood, but still… It’s not that simple with her.

I’ve come across situations where I learned someone I cared about made some grave mistakes, and I didn’t report them, I didn’t act in accordance with involving authorities, I just let the person know I could not share in their decisions or choices, and walked away. I felt they’d made their own bed, and didn’t need me to make it any worse than it already was. My Aunt, on the other hand, took matters into her own hands without even confronting me, and took the cowardly route, choosing not to hear my side of it, and just reported me on assumptions alone.

In this instance, she took matters into her own hands, and this stops me from forgiving her actions, or her as a person. I can’t see how I can let her back into my life, or trust her again. I was always crystal clear on who I am, and who I was back yesterday. I have issues lying, I don’t like to twist truths, as I’ve seen them backfire on people, and the consequences are always worse than the truth, as the truth has reason and good meaning for existing/happening. When a lie is told, it comes out of nowhere, and spreads like wildfire because it’s so out of left field, making it sensational, and highly powerful. The truth is accepted quickly, and left in the past as resolved. Boring! Nothing to see here! Move along!

Intrigue is so powerful, people, and it causes our brains to wake up. It pulls us in, and causes our hearts to race because of the discord, the dysfunction, the worry, the anxiety; the adrenaline rush we get is due to the shock we experience of such an outlandish situation arising. Ladies and gentleman, this is gossip, and this is not a good way to see each other. How and why do people get so scared about asking someone why something happened, what happened exactly, and what was the motive for it? Did it actually happen at all? Or was it some web of deceit spun for entertainment purposes? Is there some jerk of a snake sitting back with his feet up and hands behind his head, grinning over the discord his story caused good, honest people? Maybe. Look out for that.

People get so scared to confront each other these days since text messaging, emailing, and social media-ing is so much easier, and one can hide behind that like a coward. Since words on a page can  be taken completely differently from our present speech, it’s no wonder people are dropping friends and family like flies.

Social media can be a wonderful thing; hell, we’re watching the impeachment process begin due to social media. However, it can be a double edged sword, and cause discord among humanity to create more problems than before social media came about.

Get together, people, learn what social media is actually for, and what it’s not for. Learn how to be there for each other again, lean on each other, and support each other. Learn to love each other as people used to love each other. Get out behind that wall called Facebook or Twitter, and listen to their voice, as nothing could ever be sweeter to remember after they’ve gone.


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