She Left, Now what?

Who is this young woman? What’s her story? Why is she carrying a huge backpack in the middle of the city block? Why does she look scared, standoffish, and like she’s hiding?

Good question. She may have been abused, and ran from her captor. She may have lost everything, packed up what she could, and left. She may be a runaway, from either her abusive parents, or a rebellious teen who is still trying to stay hidden from her uncaring parents. Or, she could be someone trying to start out, and just can’t get it right. Whatever the reasons she’s out there on her own, one thing is for certain, there was nowhere safe for her to go.

I have recently looked into transitional aid for a friend regarding leaving an abusive household to try and start out on her own, only to find out, in the community she is staying in, that she needs to be 18, and with at least one child. Now, hold on here, her life as a battered, emotionally abused, young woman is not enough of a crisis because a child is not involved, and she’s a little over 20? No wonder we have a homeless crisis on our hands. Once you’re over a certain age, you are considered unhelpable._MG_6476 After talking with a friend yesterday, it was brought to my attention that those who want any kind of assistance, or placement assistance, needs to have at least one child with them. Okay, I understand the children need aid, but when has it ever become the rule that only children get help and not those who have the minds of children due to abuse? Where do they go? How can people overlook them? Why is this happening? This, “Oh, you’re old enough, so get a job” attitude has to stop! As if a job is going to fix everything! Not when $7.25 an hour may feed just them, but will not be enough to help them with expenses for a place to live, especially when one meal at a fast food restaurant costs $10 on average.

Look, if we’re going to bring up the situation of mental health and what’s best to help the homeless crisis, these people need to be treated and seen like people! It bothers me that only children get aid, and not adults who truly need the help, and want to go somewhere in life. It’s not as easy as people think to start out in our country.

Not every case needs a sanitarium, a mental hospital, or psychological care; the ones who can’t just pick up their life in adulthood due to abuse need more than those places. They do want to pick up the pieces, but the fact that no one will help them is why the suicide rates are so high, why the battered never leave their captors, and why people are murdering each other.

Why don’t programs exist to help adults leaving abusive relationships? All I see are help lines, and homeless shelters. Why is that? Like an abused person wants to be caught in a homeless shelter with others who can’t get back on their feet because the system won’t provide for them, and are more dangerous than they are, and it’s depressing.

My friend is staying with people in various units till she can get a stable situation, and that’s not wise for her. She’s being tossed around like a hot potato because she can’t stay in each unit for very long, so she’s never settled, and she has no job, or income, and she can’t work like everyone else due to various traumas.

Sure, you can easily look at her and say, she needs meds, she needs to see a shrink, she needs therapy, she needs this, or that. How does this help her? It doesn’t, it’s that simple.

Look, it’s sad that people like her are restrained, and never allowed to really move up in the world, and then she’s looked down upon because she’s not moving up in the world. It’s the system letting her down, and it’s been said people are leaving the US, and these are people who immigrated here. Well, maybe they should… It’s sad, but the homeless should be transitioned, and should be helped to find work. The homeless trashing needs to stop, and these people need true programs that will help them transition.

Sure, not all who are homeless want to be in the system, but my friend is one of those who does to prove to her family that she can do everything they said she couldn’t. She is young, and very sheltered, and knows not where to begin. They made her terrified of the world, and caused her to have issues trusting others. They abused her badly enough she can’t even see her own worth in the world-This is the making of a possible suicide victim.

Her situation, I am sure, is not the only one out there. The stigma of abuse victims and those taking them in is bad, as people always fear what they are capable of. I have taken in multiple abuse victims, and none of them could have done the things people accuse them of. The stigma of these poor people being told that they asked for it, they wanted it, they manifested it, and they’re nothing but druggies, where did that shit come from?

And those who house this sweet young woman are leasing, and have issues keeping her there, or they could be tossed out on their butts. Why is this such a huge deal? Shouldn’t there be a clause regarding abuse victims? Why aren’t they protected?

It amazes me how archaic this country and the laws are. I hope, that with the amount of people seeing how broken the system is, that someone brings this subject up and does something about it. Whoever you are, call me, and we’ll talk! Children are not the only important beings out there. There are enough charities and programs to help children. Now, we need to help their future parents!


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