Been A While…

A lot has happened in the past few months; however, as you can see, I’m still trucking on. Things have changed on the home front, and work-wise; my load lightened at work, and I gained a great team member, so I’m set there; therefore, I am finally exercising the chance to write again. Not only that, but house hunting is fun, and rewarding. The family is doing much better, on account of what happened earlier this year. It’s not water under the bridge with attitude, or forgiveness, but we’re moving on slowly.

Drama has gone way down, by the way, on account of those, who caused the family grief, refraining. Those who were causing issues are settled, gone from my life, or things are finally working out for them, and distance was later established, but their not cut-off for good.

All-in-all, as far as life is concerned, there hasn’t been much to write about outside the political realm; Trump and his Republicans cause trouble every day, but seeing the people, and the other countries out there stand up to his rhetoric is beautiful, and historical. I remember where I was when they announced his victory. I was with my friend, watching the election results on TV in the bedroom she was renting at the time. I cried out in fear, and wanted out.

Now? I see how important that election night was, for all of us. I’m not here to dwell on politics. I am here to explain the reason for the tumble weeds rolling through my page. It’s due to changes slowly taking place, and then setting back to normal. I am gaining peace in my mind and soul, but also, I am feeling that there will soon be more to say.

Busyness is becoming the norm, but happiness is spreading. The friends that struggled terribly in recent months are now finding their way. It’s as if all of us were wandering around in a fog together. I guess we all pulled each other into it somehow, but we’re in the clear now, and happier than ever before. Three of my close friends, who were lost and wandering, found very good jobs. And now my best friend, and adopted sister, is interviewing for the job she’s always wanted today, which is wonderful.

My mother’s knee surgery also put a stop to things, causing me to lose a lot of time on my hands, and now she is recovering well. She had a slight setback she is recovering from now, but she will continue to walk through it all. She is a trooper, and has worked hard through the pain of her hurdle.

Soon, independence will be the word of my life, and those around me. Freedom always goes along with independence, and I am looking forward to truly having a life of my own with my husband. He and I have struggled under the roof of my parent’s house for most of our marriage, and after three years of living elsewhere before moving back home temporarily, we’re still needing our own place.

True, in the past, families stuck together, and worked well together, or tried to at least. These days, young people are staying at home longer due to the fact that this world is, once again, not as nice to people as it was years ago. Hardships have gained momentum, but soon, things will change again. I have faith it will cycle through, and good days are coming.

That’s something we all need to focus on, and manifest– the good times coming once again. It is possible for the country, and congress, to rebuild itself after a great fall. I no longer fear what has been happening; I have only gained in faith. We all have to hold on to faith, and fight for what we believe in. This election, and what’s happened since, has shown us we can’t leave it up to others to carry us anymore; we need to take our power back. Not only that, but things like this happening to our country shows how strongly united we all are, and that we must remain ready for a fight, as the weak within us stir up problems to help us focus on and solve.

That’s something to think about, isn’t it? The upstarts we deal with on a daily basis, it turns out, are there to help point out the true problems we have been ignoring. It’s easy to just get angry, and spit back in their face, but we need to think a moment whenever those pains in our sides prick us to attention. Retaliation is never truly the answer, but it is one we’ve been falling back on for a long time. It must be listening that we should be doing.

For instance, I read a meme on Facebook the other day that said that we need to teach our kids to listen to understand, not listen to respond. That’s a good statement; if we teach them only to listen to respond, they will be afraid that their response may not be good enough. They will go off half-cocked without thinking clearly about what was said, which causes arguments, and then defend only half a notion, and gain an ego regarding the subject; sadly, they will never move because they still feel the need to defend it long after. That, ladies and gentleman, is how you form a stubborn brick wall who is not easily reasoned with.

I grew up learning to keep my opinions to myself, so as to avoid getting into arguments. However, what that taught me was that my opinions were only meaningful to myself, not to someone else; just as I was with my stories, and my writing, same deal– only meant for myself in the end.

Since I have started this job I have now, my writing has become much more valuable in the daily lives of others, including those who have been reading this blog, and I apologize for being MIA for so long. But, I’m back, and I have things to say now, so feel free to start watching my blog, once again!


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