Deep Sleep Making You Tired?

Have you ever had such a great night’s sleep only to wake up completely sapped? I know that happened with me last night. What causes this, I wonder? All I know is I was more awake when I went to sleep last night. Could that have been the cause?

There have been times where I fell asleep, was so wiped out from that days activities, and ended up having a vivid dream where I was very active in it, and ended up waking up feeling like I was hit by a bus, and needed more sleep. Has that ever happened to you?

Well, yeah, I would do some research for this post on the subject matter, but I’m too tired to; you could say this blog is a series of rambling brainstorms. I know that I had a fun day yesterday; full of laughter, went out with my sisters to a bar, and had some fun, but to think that I would wake up after a wonderful night’s rest feeling like this? So not fair.

Have you ever wondered what the nature of sleeping deeply and waking groggy is? It doesn’t hit every day, but when it does, it hits like a ton of bricks weighing you down in that bed despite your annoying alarm going off, and your ever unloving voice of reason saying, “You are not allowed to call off work today.”

I had that morning, believe me. It took me so long to get going, but, somehow, I ended up getting to work early, even though I was dragging my feet. I didn’t skip any steps in my morning routine, so it was a bit odd how I ended up moving so slowly, taking my sweet time, and getting to work early. Am I a time bender? Who knows (shrug).

It’s only Wednesday, but it feels like Monday. How on earth do I have a Saturday or Sunday just lounging in my bed, without feeling the need to wake up? When was the last time I went to bed at 3:00 a.m., and woke up at noon?

Those are questions I ask myself pertaining to my youth that was just a few years ago. I am almost hitting the EstroGinny years, and I can’t seem to see it anywhere, except in my hair, which is creeping into a shimmery silver color. My body still feels young, but it acts like it should be rising and setting with the sun. Why is that?

Oh, some doctors would say it’s because of hormone changes. Hmm, maybe. But I look at my young-looking body, and I see myself still healing every day. I do not look like I should be hitting the big 40, but I am; it’s inevitable. None of us ever imagine we’ll go over the hill in our lives, but it’s just over the horizon for me.

I feel as if I have found my second teenage years, and the new friends I’ve made over the past five years have lightened my load, and my life, exponentially. My previous years feel like a dream compared to the present now, and I don’t want to revisit them. I was so different then, and I am a much richer spirited person now.

I never had as much fun in my life as I am having now, and about half of my life has passed. It’s kind of sad to see it flying by. I don’t have any children to cause this ‘fly-by’ phenomena, as most couples do after having children. It’s just my life continuing to get gradually more hectic. My husband and I are house hunting ourselves back into our own lives, and planning to get ourselves out on our own terms is quite the struggle, but I am looking froward to regaining my independence again.

That is part of the reason time is flying by, I have too much to do on a daily basis. There happens to be no time left over to relax, chill, and smell the roses. I’m constantly going, and never get the chance to rest.

Huh, rest… What’s that? Oh, right… That state aside from sleep where I can sit on my couch and binge watch Supernatural, or some other series that’s caught my interest. I had that last year before I moved back home; talk about sad.

I was guilt tripped by my mother yesterday, told that I didn’t care anymore, but what it really was, was she wanted me to look at the two cats, who barely get along, sleeping in her lap for once. I guess that’s it; why I had a deep, but fruitless sleep last night… I just didn’t want to wake up.


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