When Family Goes Wrong, and A Choice Must Be Made…

Well, it’s happened; an awkward situation regarding my family has occurred, and I am trying to figure out how to handle the situation. An Aunt has died, well a friend of the family’s wife died, but they’re close enough to call family, and my aunts who nearly ruined the lives of my husband and I will be there. I have not seen them since the situation occurred, and I planned not to put myself in a situation where they could communicate with me.

Now, I have a choice; either I go and tell my aunts I have lost respect for them, that I have a house we’re buying on our own money, and let my husband lay into them, or I forego the service, and miss family forever because I just can’t be in the same room with them. I would rather avoid them altogether, but then again, there’s my husband. He loves the family as well, and would probably not want to miss the service.

It is nothing new that families are breaking apart these days, due to politics and choices made by each of the member in the family since this past election. However, this had only a small part to do with the election of the present President. These aunts are in support of him, whereas those in the house I reside in voted against him.

These aunts have harassed my mother on numerous occasions, and have hurt her a number of times. They sound just like each other, and are nothing like who they were just last year before the election; it’s as if they were touched by darkness, or something. Those around me made observations similar to that, which is rather odd. People switch-hit at the end of last year, and now, they are tapering down, and realized what they did.

Now my aunts, however, are still hoping for the best for our President as he sinks further into the ocean in his rickety dingy. If he knew them well, he’d let them help him scoop water out of the boat to keep him afloat. I would be standing on the sidelines laughing, sadly.

But when it comes to this family, it saddens me, and makes me want to tame the angry side and just squelch it down for a day to be a good girl. However, I am no longer that good girl I once was-she was a doormat. Nowadays, I choose not to have anyone in my life that betrays or double crosses me. I don’t have to answer to them, or accept them in my life just because they’re my aunts. They nearly ruined my life, so I don’t think I need to let them back in. I will forgive them sometime after they’ve passed, but not before.

I just need to decide: to go? or not to go? 

As a writer, I tend to think of possible outcomes for each situation, and this one could easily end badly. I could end up in the middle of a brouhaha, and I would be at fault simply because my aunts tend to like to blame me for everything these days.

I do have to admit, though, it would be great to unleash my wolf of a husband on them to put them both in their place, but the question is, is it worth it? What would we gain? What would we lose? Good question…



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