Odd Happenings, and Delays…

Yesterday was a weird day, to put it lightly. Monday, while at work, I suffered a nasty muscle spasm in my left shoulder that pulled my lower cervical lumbar in my neck out of wack, causing me to lose mobility in my neck, as well as plenty of pain, and a day off yesterday to rest and recoup.

Not only that, but I learned the closing of our house will be delayed to another date, later next week, possibly, due to one shingle on the roof needing to be replaced. Now, I’m not complaining, as I have no power over this development, but it means more time in my mother’s house.

I was angry at first, after I heard the news from my husband, but then, it hit me; I would not be in any shape to lift anything to help with moving in. So, later date, it is. Only problem is getting off work, which could be difficult. All I can do is pray to God that the date will allow for a backup of some sort, so that I can in fact make it to the closing.

It just felt like one frustration after another this week, but at least the muscle spasm wasn’t as bad as I thought. It is starting to release gradually, and I can turn my head now, which is good. I still have pain, sadly, but nothing like I did during work on Monday.

The Chiropractor I went to helped me with adjusting my neck back to where it belongs, so the pain from that is gone, thankfully. However, he revealed some truths that serve to be painful to hear; my previous chiropractor I spent years giving plenty of money to was not serving me as he should have, and there are underlying problems present he did not concentrate on.

He adjusted my hip, which the other chiropractor ignored, and did natural traction before each major adjustment. It felt so much better than the other Chiropractor I saw, having a ball of 5 lbs dangle from my head after each adjustment. It was rough, going through that pain, but this doctor was thorough, and gentle, which was a plus in my delicate condition.

However, with a new, more attentive Chiropractor I can afford, I can get the issues corrected, and feel better. Apparently, my tiredness has been due to my not going to be adjusted, but who knew?

All I’m hoping for is that the rest of this week, into the weekend, turns out to be decent, without any surprises. Then again, with the summer being half over now, who knows what’s coming up.

Well, new development! Apparently, according to my lender, and some documents emailed earlier, we’re getting a whole new roof out of the deal, which was unexpected. Due to insurance companies needing to clear the claim fro a new roof on both sides of the duplex, it was delayed past the closing date, and we will be getting a whole new roof before closing on the house.

At first I was upset at the delay, and had no idea what was going to happen, but after hearing what they’re willing to do for us, it sounds like we’re getting a whole new house out of the deal, with no maintenance needed!

So, yeah, surprises abound, but good surprises! I’m dying to get out of my mother’s house, but I can’t rush this legally, so I don’t have a choice. I guess the tunnel just got a boost of length on us, keeping us within just a little longer, but the tunnel’s end is still close at hand, thankfully.


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