Finances and New Budget…

Well, it’s happened, Illinois has passed a new budget, which is far from perfect. Sure, you can say that it’s only the first step, however, the wrong people are being taxed. Sure, you can say that middle class people are the ones who were actually taxed, but the thing that bugs me is I just learned a friend of mine received a lower check due to the tax hike, and she is well under the supposed income bracket fitting in the middle class income. She makes $32,000/year; and they projected that those making $50,000 or more, single, would see the tax hike.

I am concerned, as she has barely any money in her pocket to speak of. Now, I know it has nothing to do with me, per say, but seeing someone bullied that way, losing valuable income to the tax bracket they said she would not fall into, is utterly ridiculous. It scares me to think what she’s going to do, when her debt is so high, and her job runs her ragged as it is, and we wonder why we’re all ill.

When it comes to making ends meet out there in the world, I, myself, have never had to live on my own. She is now single, and living off her own income alone, and is struggling with the industry her talents fall into- Graphic Design. A highly competitive market, Graphic Designers fight for good paying jobs, and struggle to keep them once they have them. They are cut-throat jobs to fight for, and it’s scary to think that that industry starts applicants off at $16/hr, and it’s not nearly enough to afford a 540 sq ft apartment.

Now, yeah, Illinois has voted and passed the law to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr in Illinois; however, all that does is put those making $16/hr, like my friend and I, just above minimum wage, which isn’t considered a living wage with inflation. And even then, it’s just enough to pay the bills, but not to eat. 

That is my friend’s biggest issue; she’s lucky to have enough for her bills, but eating? Now that’s a luxury. I look at her fridge when I visit her, and I feel the need to say to her, “We’re going grocery shopping, my treat.”

The sad part is there is no base provided for any American making above a certain amount of money a year to live off. They just recently decided to change that in Hawaii, but even then, people are stating it won’t work, as that’s leaning toward socialism. 

Now, people, there will always be two opposite sides arguing which works better: socialism and capitalism. My opinion, I’m more a liberal than a capitalist. I care more for my fellow man, and I’m willing to work to make a living, but I see where capitalism falls short-it creates a class system that causes people to fall through the cracks, and it considers those people to be worthy sacrifices to help the greater good (the top 1%). Call it what you will, but these are my opinions, remember that.

Sure, an argument can pop up here, and I’m more than fine with that. Only thing to remember is that either ‘-ism’ comes down to where the majority of interests lie; people, or financial security. In my opinion, if I can’t take money with me to heaven when I die, why hoard it? It’s not going to get me a better room in heaven, only I myself can make that happen by making good, caring choices in life.

So, 1%ers, where is your money going when you die? I’d be surprised if it goes to a charity, when that’s where it could have been going all this time. Sure, a son or daughter could get it, but even then, it could ultimately go to a fund that could help innocent, struggling workers make ends meet in this country. Think about it…

I guess it’s a shame no one tries to set aside money for those struggling to get on their feet after a divorce, break-up, or after their parents pass on. It turns out a woman living on her own HAS to be a mother to get any sort of aid from any state, and that devalues women. This country is broken on so many levels, and the United States is showing the world just how badly captialism can destroy a country. 

We need to ask ourselves whether our country truly is great, and whether it ever really was. People are migrating here from hells on earth to make a living, as they have always been fed fake propaganda about how great a country this is. We have our problems, we screw up as well, but most importantly, we’re now on the cusp of falling into a capitalistic abyss with our own country’s budget, as well as individual state budgets, threatening to implode, just like Illinois.


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