It’s About Time! Commence Party Plans!

Well, it’s official, my husband and I will be moving into our house! I am very excited that my marriage will finally commence!

It’s surreal to know that I will be moving out from my childhood home for the last time, ever. No going back, and no longer feeling trapped.

I know for certain now that I will only have one home to go to; my own.

My husband and I will then start working with my mom on selling her home, and getting her into a much better situation, which we’re all looking forward to.

My mother is retired, and a widow, and her fixed income is not enough to keep and maintain the home I have lived in my entire life.

This day is momentous in the sense that it is finally hitting me that this coming weekend is the last weekend we will spend in my childhood home.

My mother’s tears are coming more frequently now, but I can’t turn back now. I do my best to remind her that things will be much better for us all in the long run, and that she will see my husband and I frequently, if not daily.

She worries that she will not be able to handle being alone. With forty-five years of marriage behind her, and only losing 1 1/2 years with my dad, she is feeling lonelier now than ever.

My empathic husband cares so much for my mom, and offers periodically that she can come stay with us, and I welcome it, though not permanently.

My father wanted mom taken care of, but not at the expense of our marriage. We decided on a community where she can be with those her age, where she can make friends, and not be alone.

The place we were interested in for her has events, and outings they do, and there are nice people around she could make friends with. She’s very personable, and outgoing, so it’s not difficult for her to make new friends.

Not only that, but family will always be nearby.

As I sit here, I am reminiscing about the fun times my family and I had at the house. The pools we’ve had, the boat we stored in the backyard before the second pool, building the deck, jumping off the deck into the pool, watching fireworks from the roof, all those things, I will be leaving behind.

Soon, someone will receive walls that have seen nothing but love, caring, and understanding. Someone soon will enjoy those walls instead of my family, and I am excited about it.

It’s not everyday we think about what we will be leaving behind, and I feel almost sad. Too much has changed over the past year, and I am hoping to start anew now, toward a bright future.


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