Day Three, and Counting!

Well, the closing went fairly smoothly, and my husband and I are now storage space free. We’re now realizing how hard is it to set up a place while working full time days. Sure, one would ask why I hadn’t taken the week off to move in, but it’s due to having a fairly new temp start the week before, and not being completely sure that she’s ready to be without me for a whole week.

It’s been physically hard for us to move everything, as we are getting up there in age, but it feels like a breath of fresh air to know the place is all ours. For once, we’re glad we have a quiet home to go to after a long, hard day. It feels good to know we have privacy that will last for the first time in our marriage, and it feels wonderful that we can do whatever we want, and not disturb anyone.

When we moved in on Monday evening, there was a lot of activity on the block; there were kids playing and riding their bikes, parents outside watching them, and people enjoying the summer heat as things were when I was a child.

The parents of some of the kids were friendly, and welcomed us as their neighbors. I also noticed a good amount of diversity in the ethnicity of the neighbors and their children. I felt right at home, and they made sure I did.

A part of me felt like I was moving in to Leave It to beaver land, but I wasn’t afraid of it. How often does one find a neighborhood such as this one? It’s a lot more inviting and comforting than the one we’re moving out of.

Sure, you could say that was only the introduction, that there’s always one bad apple in every neighborhood, but hey, I’m not going to fear them, just ignore them.

We’ve been living there completely since Monday, and my husband and I are the happiest we’ve ever been.

It’s great that we have friends and family willing to help us get situated. We have been going on with clothes everywhere, and nothing’s put away, no garbage cans throughout the house, things of that sort.

It is strange, living in a home without the essentials. I never remembered moving to be like this time, where we’re living without things. I guess it’s because, this time, is our last move, and we’re both working so much, it’s not easy to get things done like the last few times we’ve moved. I worked part time during the last two moves, but not now.

However, I did notice something-now that I’m in the new home, I feel myself resetting out of my old habits, caring more, and relaxed more. I don’t feel so testy about doing things, as I usually act childish over whatever my mother asks me to help her with.

This is my home, my place of refuge, and it’s a clean slate. New everything, and good vibes throughout. It’s good to know that I can be happy, finally, in the sense that I don’t have to worry about being watched over, being spread too thin, or being found by those I purposely left behind.

New beginnings is the theme of this year; in some respects, for the bad, and in others, for the good. All I know is I am seeing good changes in the lives of those around me this year, despite the current events and current standings of things around us. I hope that there are others out there coming upon good times as well.



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