First Week: It’s Been A Messy One

Well, day 8, and it’s almost time to go home. I have enjoyed putting the knick-knacks, belongings, and everything else away in the home. It’s a wonderful feeling to be within those walls; so much so that I don’t like leaving them. Our new house feels like a newborn baby to a mother and father.

This is our first home, and it’s a big step, nonetheless, but a happy one. With each box we unpack, we smile wider, and feel more and more at home. We are thankful for the friends and family who have helped make this all possible.

First meals have already been cooked, first cup of coffee for the morning commute was days ago, and our pantry is nearly full, but needs to be organized. Our first showers have already been enjoyed, and you can guess what the rest of that list is.

More and more, this house is symbolizing a new beginning for us, and we are excited to know we’re gaining new family and friends from it.

We are still working on removing all my belongings from my mother’s home, and it’s a long process indeed. With the fact that I must work most days of the week, it feels as if it will never end.

My sister and her husband are finally able to help us with the parts of this we are unable to do since we’re not handy with tools. It’s looking like we have a long way to go with mom’s house, but it will be worth it.

My sister said she did not want to put money into the house, but the worth of the house as it is now may be lower than it was during appraisal years ago. It’s obvious my father’s energy resided in the house while he was alive, and it is fading now, as the roof started to sag, the skylight is leaking, the pipes cracked under the deck, and the pool motor died.

I’m worried about what else will fade, die, or conk out. The challenge is in getting the house finished and ready to sell. Mom is the next of kin for the estate, so first things first, get it in her name, and then work on from there.

It’s amazing the road we’ve been on to try and get this all going the right way. My husband and I needed to move out first, and we are in the process of doing that. We hope it will be smooth sailing from there.


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