Brace Yourself: Rant Coming…

I know that I had planned to stay out of politics, and I am doing my best to focus on the finer things going on in my life, creating a nice, even keel of happiness, and fulfillment.

However, it seems things continue to look more and more grim, and the noose continues to form and tighten around the necks of those who are considered ‘different’ in society.

Now, one thing to consider here, as we are citizens of a God fearing country; he loves adversity, right? No two humans are exactly alike, not even twins. There will always be subtle differences at least between each individual human being walking this earth.

The question I have is, why is it that people are working hard to make life difficult for those who are not fitting into a man-made mold of conformity?

Does conformity create peace? We’ve tried that, so no. Does conformity create harmony? Nope, once again, people rebel for their rights as individuals. Does uniformity create a sense of belonging? No, as each person does not coincide with everyone in a group.

People, let’s be honest here; we are individuals first and foremost. We humans need structure, yes, but totalitarianism? Draconian rhetoric? No. We need tolerance, love, understanding, and acceptance.

Now, I refuse to pride myself on being the guru for positivity, and harmony, but I know that these above methods only create discord no matter who you’re trying to oppress.

That’s right, I said it, oppress. Why do I use that word? Because that is what is being done to a certain group of honest, hard-working people who are just as patriotic as the next guy when their rights of choosing to serve in the military are compromised.

It’s being said in reports all around that those who fight alongside those LGBTQ servicemen and women that all they care about is whether they’re a good shot, whether they can handle an intense situation, and whether they will care about the guy next to them as a team member should.

Do they care about whether they will go after another person of the same sex? It was thought that was the case, but often times, they have significant others back home, just like everyone else. To think these innocent people are all single is just plain ignorant. Often times, they aren’t, and they are not cavalier like Priests in our local Catholic churches who took the vow of chastity, but choose to prey on young boys and girls.

I know, I’ve taken a couple stabs at various hot topics here in this post, but if you think about it, from an outsider’s perspective, it’s true. There are a lot of folks out there who choose not to listen to the truth because it hurts too much. Newsflash, people, the truth hurts so we know we’re alive, and that we can in fact build trust. To expect life to not be painful is a fallacy none of us can achieve; not even with happy meds.

So, let me finish this post by stating that I am a heterosexual human, and I am tolerant. I see two guys kissing, I raise my eyebrows and thank God they are happy, and that there’s someone to love them. Is that so wrong of me, to believe they deserve to be happy? I don’t think so.

We all have personal issues that cause us to cringe at the sight of them, but let’s face it, the truth is it’s you’re problem, not theirs. Those of you who can’t stand to be uncomfortable, put yourself into their shoes, and see how you like it!


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