Life Continues: Still More Choices to Make

I tell ya, one such as myself, never imagined it would take so long to set up a house, as opposed to an apartment. It’s been two weeks now, and we still have boxes in the garage.

Now, I’m not complaining, it’s just I am doing my best to juggle. After my husband’s birthday party this weekend, and cooking a lavish long-awaited home-cooked breakfast on Saturday morning, I woke this morning to a destroyed kitchen, as I did not stay home entirely this past weekend as my girlfriends also had a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants weekend, so to speak.

I know I will have a good amount of chores to tend to this evening when I come home from work. I just never realized how much a celebration it would be to buy my own home. We’ve had people over almost every day to celebrate our purchase.

Home-ownership truly is a big responsibility, and I am taking it in stride. I am enjoying having my own home to come home to, and take care of. It feels like I got a new hobby-putting together a house, and decorating it inside.

My husband and I finally found our missing box of DVDs and Blu-rays, and seeing the shelves all filled up, and not all of them will fit the shelves. It amazes me how much we’ve collected over the years. None of it is worth money, but it is worth hours of enjoyment.

I’ve only hung up a few pictures on hooks so far in the living room area, and the walls still look baron. My husband decided to chill with the painting idea for a while, and I am hoping he will let me hang up some of our collected art pieces.

He showed excitement when he mentioned getting the huge redwood dining table my great grandmother passed on to me as inheritance, and setting it in the front room. I look around the house now, and the boxes and mess disappears, revealing to me what it will look like, fully furnished. I may look into a credenza for the dining room to hold some of the china we have in the cabinets, to free up space, and create a serving bar.

I can see crystal candle holders set atop of a runner on the redwood table, and a stickie on the wall behind it showing scenery from a far-off land, such as Tokyo or Mount Fuji perhaps.

I see wall scrolls leading up the stairs to the second floor where the bookcases are kept. I see my husband’s office on the other side of the room where he works from home at times. I see the guest room/my office set up with colorful memorabilia and other wall scenery set up to help me with inspiration for writing my novels and for Reiki healing. I see my katana collection laid upon a multi-layered rack on the wall opposite the desk beside a wall cling of a silhouette of a samurai.

I see a beautiful bed set in our bedroom painted a different color, much cooler, and neutral, but relaxing; a beautiful Japanese fan adorning the wall up above our bed.

So many ideas, and more money to spend on these furnishings, but it will be worth it.

This house is wonderful, the neighbors are sweet, and the feelings are the ones I’ve been seeking for what feels like my entire life. It feels as if my life is finally beginning. How much longer will it take to achieve the results I’m looking for? Who knows. Either way, my husband and I are happy, and that’s what matters.


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