Missing Us…

Yesterday, I went to my mother’s house to gather up more of my belongings my husband and I had gathered up throughout the years. It’s no secret my mother is unhappy that my husband and I are moving out. However, there was one member of the family that is taking it particularly hard; my mom’s kitty, Mew.

Now, my mother has owned the two cats she has for over a year now, and both cats have revealed their quirks, and also have revealed their souls to the family living in the house. Buddy, who answers to Buyo, showed ownership of my mother since the very beginning, while Mew took a liking to my husband, me, and my adopted sister.

My older sister somehow got word that I was planning on taking Mew with me once we’ve moved out, and that mom doesn’t want to lose her.

Now, here’s where this gets weird; My sister, who has rarely been by my mother’s house since they adopted the cats, claims to know what’s going on, and read me a riot act about the cats that had nothing to do with her. I told her that I was not going to take the cat without mom giving her up on her own accord. she backed off, and said she was sorry.

I didn’t buy her attitude, got upset, gathered up some of my stuff, and left the house quickly since she was there. Since then, Mew has caught on to the fact that my husband and I have moved out, and she barely sees us.

Yesterday, she was happy to see us; however, by the time we were leaving, we saw her sprung out on the couch, looking at me from the side, not lifting her face to play with her favorite toy, and not reacting when I petted and kissed her goodbye.

She’s a very lively cat that chases laser lights, leaping halfway up the walls to catch it. She is slim, soft as angora fuzz, and sweet as a button. She would come downstairs by us, meowing as she ran and leaped up into our laps to watch television with us. Now, she’s showing signs of depression, and so is Buyo.

Now, my mother has been tossing up giving up Buyo due to some attitude conflicts with Mew, and due to him biting my mom whenever she ignores him. I never intended to become attached to Mew while living at the house, and mom had said repeatedly that she wanted to let us have Mew, since Buyo seemed to love and comfort her quite a bit.

Then he bit her again, and she changed her mind. Now, I’m not complaining, but my sister claimed that paying the adoption fee for my mother to have the cats means it is her business as to what happens with the cats, even though it’s really up to my mom.

I have sensed that the relationship between my sister and I, since my aunt screwed things up in January, has gone sour.

We weren’t especially close, my sister and I, but we respected each other. Now, I’m not so sure. I have issues with how she is spoiling her daughter, and she has issues with me bringing friends into mom’s house because she herself has stranger danger issues.

It’s obvious my sister wants not only my mother out of the house, but also wants her away from me so she won’t be in danger with my friends.

Now, I don’t know how other people feel, but talk about ridiculousness in the sense that this is nothing new, and I have done nothing wrong. My sister, however, thinks I am a danger to our mother because of my friends. I am besides myself, as I do not befriend thugs, gang members, or dangerous people.

I have no idea what to do, but step away from a sweet cat, and a bad situation with my mother. It’s sad because my mother never wanted to be separated from my husband and I, but everyone in the family wants us away from her, as if we are delinquents who live an unorthodox lifestyle because we are open to our friends, and open our door to them.

When it comes to comfort level, destroying the heart of a wonderful animal, and the warm home I grew up in, is it really worth it? It makes me wonder if I want to have my sister over for the holidays, or ever. The attitude she is displaying has no presence in our home, as it is built on love, trust, and understanding. My sister was always afraid to sit next to strangers in the movie theater, and put me at risk of getting harmed instead. She always used me as a wall to hide behind, including whenever she did something wrong that got her in trouble.

To see such a lively cat inwardly cry because she’s losing one of her favorite people just because my sister took my mother to adopt them is not fair to the poor kitty.  It’s hard being in a family where I’m mistreated, and watched under a microscope; I almost want to just walk away for all the trouble I am dealing with.

They say blood is thicker than water, but I beg to differ. Blood colors water red, and for that, since all blood does the same thing to water, no matter what DNA is mixed in with it, Blood means nothing when it comes to biological family, and the family you choose to keep close. I choose love, first and foremost.


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