Book Shelves and Comfort Achievements

This weekend was a very eventful weekend. I had a chance to settle in a bit more, and found some old things I had in storage for quite some time. I am feeling happier and happier by the day in the new house, and I find myself waking to see it’s not a dream.

We’ve been waiting for this time in our lives for years, and it’s finally a reality. My husband and I are planning, communicating, and growing closer together. The house is big, but not overbearing for us, and is quiet at night.

We are happy to come home to each other each night, but with events happening frequently during the summer months, it’s been difficult to make sure we spend time together each night.

I start work earlier in the morning than my husband does, so I retire to bed earlier, and miss out on that time with him. However, he still finds his way beside me at night, which is comforting.

My first struggle with the house, these days, is remembering what i forgot to get from the grocery store. However, whenever it comes to getting furniture for the house, I jump on it immediately. My priorities have changed, and are morphing still.

I love my new life, location, and interests. I’m coming to find that I was always capable of doing things I was always afraid of doing. I can run a dishwasher, I can clean a stove, and I can be responsible in the house. I am glad that my husband and I are doing well in getting the house together.

I am excited now that I remembered to buy thumb tacks to hang up pictures, wall scrolls and posters from our favorite fandoms. Our home will look great in no time. I am glad my husband just received a raise, though it won’t be nearly as much as we’d hoped, but I hope to be in line for one myself soon.

I am still doing well at my job, though I did see a job opportunity arise at my husband’s firm. I’m tossing up applying, as the freedoms I have at this job, and with how long I’ve been here, it would be interesting moving on… again… from a great company where I am already established, for another company I can hope will provide me with a good team and manager, when I’m already a part of that right now.

Choices, choices, choices; these are things that get to us every day; there are always choices to make.

With this leg of my journey, I have come to see who I truly am, and am gaining the freedom to decide what kind of lifestyle my husband and I will live now that we have our own dwelling, and are no longer being told by others what happens inside those walls.

It’s liberating to experience such authority, and freedoms. For so long, we have been living by the rules of others, or trying to accommodate others aside from ourselves. Now, no one has a say as to who stays over night, what goes on in the house, or how we choose to live inside those walls. We can watch Japanese animation, choose not to purchase cable or satellite TV, or worry about whether or not we should or shouldn’t burn candles or incense.

All our marriage, others were accommodated, and we had to abide by the rules of others. Up till now, we were renters. Now, we’re homeowners. We graduated to another level of existence, where we are in control.

It’s strange; my husband and I are in our late 30s, and we feel like big kids playing house. It’s scary, but wonderful at the same time. We get the chance to exist on our own, handle our own problems, and see what it’s like to be responsible adults for once. It’s not going to be easy financially to start, but I know we can do it.

This is new territory for us; we are relishing in being our own King and Queen of the house for once, and it feels great!


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