This is a place for me to speak to the world. I am someone anonymous, who will remain as such, as I have been through a lot (of course, who hasn’t), and I need a place where my stories about my experiences can be experienced.

My name will not be released, so please don’t ask. All stories on here will have names, but they are not the same as in real life. These stories are just for pure release, and reading pleasure; a place to expel anger, frustrations, happiness, sadness, and any other emotions I may feel.

Some stories may just be randomness abound, and those, I feel, are the most fun to write. So, sit back, enjoy my ramblings, and  post comments where you will. This page is public, so your words will be read by everyone, as will mine.

So, ready for a rambling adventure? I sure hope you are!


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