I Refuse to Apologize

I just felt it was a low blow to me that even an apology, or an acceptance of my having a human senility moment wasn't good enough. Just one picture... One sentence, and a close relationship is toast.

Regaining Control

...I've been out of sync, and have had no clue what's going on. I have not been in control of my schedule as I like to be, and I have felt all over the place for about a year now.

Paces and Spaces

The answer lies in self-exploration... Healing is not easy, and it was never meant to be... We are made to feel, so don't be afraid... Fear is a strong emotion, but don't let it take over; change it's chemistry.

She Left, Now what?

Children are not the only important beings out there. There are enough charities and programs to help children. Now, we need to help their future parents!

Hope and Love

Things are happening, people, and I suggested we send out love for one another today, as it is Valentine's Day after all.

Who Are You?

I certainly hope I'm not alone in seeing these patterns and changes, as I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.


We all dread that news; ya know, the news where something unexpected happened to someone you know. Just yesterday, I was told news that sent chills up my spine all the way up to the hairline-